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Things to Appreciate in Life Part 2 ?>

Things to Appreciate in Life Part 2

Random gifts of fate OK, so you happened to run into some people who later turned to be immensely helpful in your life quest, just when you did not really know it. Somehow you could not keep them in your life, but the fleeting memory, if it serves you right, brings them back from the abyss of your mind. See them clearly, a person after a person. Somehow they saw something about you and extended their hand to help you…

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Things to Appreciate in Life ?>

Things to Appreciate in Life

Yourself You are just a blink in the cosmic consciousness so before you are gone off the surface to join the black hole to never reappear again, enjoy that moment to no end, minute by minute, hour by an hour, day by day. You have been a gift to someone although you may not know it, but even if you disappoint everybody else around, you could always have someone close to you that could bring you enough comfort. You. So…

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No to Kvetching! ?>

No to Kvetching!

You have innumerable reasons to claim life sucks and you would not be the first person to be expressing the very wish that life should be treating you otherwise. Or else. You do love to issue threats and commands to no end expecting the world to bow and bend and oblige you at every step. You have come to know people of the same heritage blaming the world at large in the same vein that would be passed on to…

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