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Developing Your Personality ?>

Developing Your Personality

It has been a long-held belief that personality is something that is fixed and set. Experts in the past believed that personality was determined early in life and that there is nothing that can change that. But that has been proven wrong in recent years. Now, we know that personality can change and that means a lot. Changing Your Personality This means that if there is something that you do not like with your personality then you can change that….

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Practice Your Powers of Concentration ?>

Practice Your Powers of Concentration

Use it or lose it as they say, it applies to some extent to your mind’s capacity to focus on task at hand. What is different about concentration is that few minds can in fact hold it focused for long stretches of time, especially when boredom sets in. Why, obviously, with some engaging tasks, it somehow comes naturally, so it is a matter of the trigger, though what can be observed in the modern day teens’ brains nowadays is a…

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