How to Get Repeat Projects as a Freelance Writer ?>

How to Get Repeat Projects as a Freelance Writer

A freelance writer’s contract usually ends when a project has been completed. In most cases, their contracts end within a month or two depending on the scope of work. If you are lucky, you can get your clients to renew your contract. If not, you end up searching for new projects. And this makes this job challenging to strive harder and remain in your writing profession. It is always your goal how to get repeat projects to keep going and earning.

As a freelance writer, repeat business is among your top priorities if you are looking for continuous ways on how to make money online. Although this may sound easy, getting your boss to renew your contract can be quite challenging. There are many things that you need to accomplish in order to get a renewal of your project with your clients.

Here’s what you need to accomplish if you are looking forward to gaining a repeat project from your former clients.

  • Amaze Your Boss with Your Articles – one of the best ways to gain a repeat business is by impressing your boss with your works. You can achieve this by providing quality articles for his or her website. Your employer will easily consider renewing the project with you in case he or she has more plans for the future. Impressing your boss quickly helps you gain some appreciation by the time your contract expires. If your client continues with the writing job(s), then you have a higher chance of landing one. There’s no substitute for impressive work if your job is along this line.
  • Provide What Your Clients Need – as a freelance writer, you can have a good chance in getting repeat business if you provide what your clients need from you. Providing the needs of your client(s) will give you a higher chance in getting repeat business due to many good reasons. One of these is the fact that they are satisfied with your performance and produce as a writer. Doing the opposite will end your contract with your client(s) even before your contract expires. This is the reason why it is very important that you follow the instructions of your clients. Always make it a point to raise questions if there are things that need to be clarified on the instructions before writing your piece. This will avoid misunderstanding at great expense.
  • Do More, Expect Less – most clients hate it when their employees demand more than what they do. As a freelance writer who’s looking for a repeat business, it is highly advised that you do more and expect less from your clients. If you can do this, you client will consider hiring you for the next writing projects. And more than that, there are clients who will reward reliable writers upon project accomplishment.
  • Build a Good Relationship – always remember that building a good relationship with your boss is always beneficial to you as an employee. This is why you need to work hard in keeping a good relationship with your clients.

It is always rewarding if you can have repeat business as a freelance writer. While you enjoy your passion to write, you are at the same time making a living.