How to Make Good Use of Extra Office Spaces ?>

How to Make Good Use of Extra Office Spaces

In case you have an unused space at your office, there are several better ways to make good use of the area. Aside from keeping it clean and operational, using it properly can also get some extra cash for your company. Renting out the unused area at your office is one of the best ideas. Sharing the same establishment with other entrepreneurs can be quite helpful in inspiring you to work harder. Aside from renting it out to other companies, there are several other ways to make money or benefit from an unused space at the office. Here are some ideas on how you can make good use of the spare area.

  • Recreational Area – an unused space at your office can be used as a recreational area. This will allow you to keep the area clean and functional in order to avoid being overlooked. A space that does not get used regularly will most likely get damaged and will gradually deteriorate. Using it as a recreational area will not only allow you to have a space for your team to have fun but will also let you take care of the place properly. It will become functional and the place would be lively as compared before when there‚Äôs no activity.
  • Rent Out – one way of making money from the available area is by renting it out to any interested company. When renting it out, make sure that you set rules to be followed by the company renting the space to set order in your office. You should also set the right price as well as for the payment method for the rented area to keep up with the maintenance while earning some cash that you can use on your company. Choose who will rent the unused office space to make sure that the area will be well maintained. A leasehold contract with provisions to preserve it would be the appropriate approach to close the deal.
  • Receiving Area – for companies that do not have a lobby or receiving area for their visitors, turning an unused space into one is always a good idea. You can always turn an open area into a receiving room where you can comfortably talk and entertain your company’s guests and visitors. Providing this reception room would be an added functional space which was lying unused before.
  • Additional Stock Room – in case you already have one, there’s nothing wrong in adding an additional stock room. Instead of not using the available space, setting it up as an area where you can put your company’s stuffs is a good thing to do. Bear in mind that you’ll be doing lots of paperwork for the company. In return, you’ll need a place where you can safely keep your files. This is one of the main reasons why you need to consider using an unused space as an extra stock room. A stockroom will simplify your storage files requirements.

If you have extra spaces, think of other uses for it. It would be for your benefit to utilize these areas either for your operations or to raise additional income for your company in the form of rentals.