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How to Write an Effective Resume

Some people might think that resumes are not that important. While it is true that your being qualified for a job should not be determined by what’s written down on a piece of paper, your resume is still very important. You should pay attention how you write your resume because those who would be assessing you for your next job application will certainly spend time looking at it. Here are some tips that you can use in creating an effective resume:

Format Your Resume

An interesting fact about your resume is that the first person who will handle it when you apply for a job in a company will probably not read it through. Chances are high that it will just be scanned. On the average, a resume will be scanned for a mere 20 seconds. In that short period your resume will be assessed, or rather you will be assessed if you have what it takes to move on to the next level. So the format of your resume should be very good and it should be easy to read. Don’t use any weird fonts and make sure that the important information is highlighted. You should also use bullets to call attention to important details.

Your Job Experience

When you are writing your resume, keep in mind that your potential employers would be most interested in your training and your job experience. It’s okay to write all kinds of the fancy things there as long as you highlight your job experience. In writing your job experience, you need to write what you actually did in your old job. Describe it. This is more important if you are applying for a highly technical position such as a position in engineering. Your potential employer would like to see what you are capable of doing.

Specify Your Achievements

A common mistake of applicants in writing their resume is when they put too many generalizations there. You should quantify the things that you have accomplished. You have to actually specify the things that you have accomplished from your previous job. When you do that, you would be set apart from the other applicants.

Stick to What Works

It is tempting to try something new to get noticed, but that might only work for certain fields. If you work as a graphic artist then you can try something different that would highlight your skills. But the rule is to stick to what is accepted as normal. It is a good thing to be perceived to be a conservative in some fields and so that is what you should try to project.

Build Your Network

If you want to land the best job with the finest compensation package then you should enlarge the field where you are searching. Try to build a network with people in the industry that you want to work for.

These are just some of the simple reminders that you ought to keep in mind when you are writing your resume. These should put you on the right track to getting hired.