Practice Your Powers of Concentration ?>

Practice Your Powers of Concentration

Use it or lose it as they say, it applies to some extent to your mind’s capacity to focus on task at hand. What is different about concentration is that few minds can in fact hold it focused for long stretches of time, especially when boredom sets in. Why, obviously, with some engaging tasks, it somehow comes naturally, so it is a matter of the trigger, though what can be observed in the modern day teens’ brains nowadays is a changed way they have learned to perceive and think due that can be largely attributed to the Internet. Those whose attention is out of focus anyway could benefit from some short forms of exercise that would help them overcome some of the problems with the inability to work for longer periods undisturbed. How so? First you could try to see what really works for you, observe when you lose focus and think it over to see what the reasons are. If you have been focused for a long time and you are drifting away, then your concentration could just be fine, what you need to add is a short and stimulating break from a monotonous task. Inattention and procrastination go hand in hand, just observe how you postpone what you need to do but if you are a bike lover, you could catch yourself thinking about that ride out of town or just doing anything but the task at hand, same with taking a walk to the kitchen for the obligatory another cup of coffee.

No Need to Practice

When you are fully immersed in some experience of creating things, the flow that pulled you along is when the greatest of things could be produced by the brain and you fail to notice that so much time elapsed. That is when creativity triumphs and nothing is required of you in terms of total concentration, it just is there. But those who do not know that feeling can on the other hand recall their immersion in the computer game or following a sporting event. Your attention does not wander for a little bit. Those who need a helping hand are those whose attention is like a monkey on a tree, so calming the mind first would be the most beneficial course of action. That is hard in itself if you guessed by now we are referring to mindful meditation or just being present in the moment. But what you need is more than that, because as you observe yourself drifting away from the task and bring that attention back, that is just a won battle, while the return to the task is what it takes to have it totally accomplished. Bribing oneself or rewarding before depends on how you see yourself respond to those triggers, it is more about self regulation first and foremost, so if you lack that ability, you would need to think hard how to address it in yourself. There could be some other unnamed forces at work here that effectively prevent you from giving it your best. Even if that is is totally boring.