Things to Appreciate in Life Part 2 ?>

Things to Appreciate in Life Part 2

Random gifts of fate

OK, so you happened to run into some people who later turned to be immensely helpful in your life quest, just when you did not really know it. Somehow you could not keep them in your life, but the fleeting memory, if it serves you right, brings them back from the abyss of your mind. See them clearly, a person after a person. Somehow they saw something about you and extended their hand to help you to your feet if you were lying down before face down too in dirt and mud. Those are the ones you would like to meet again even from afar and say how thankful you are. You were showered with innumerable gifts too, you crossed paths with people you helped unknowingly at times. They are not here to thank you as they are busy living their lives, but perhaps they spare a thought for you here and there.

The Books

A powerful source of joy and a reflection on human condition, available as early as you are born and hear a stream of words and fish out those meaningful bits after all to deduce the message after all. The world of wisdom and the words from the wise people who had enough talent to spare and share their wisdom with you. The beauty of the language and its intricacies never cease to amaze you and be inspired by the sleight of the writer’s hand.

The Time Machine

How so? A lovely brain you are carrying takes you back into the world of yesterday, allowing to settle down there for some time to savor the past yet again. Not that it is a far cry from where you are now, but your past has shaped you and the future is going to be the past soon and then you are reborn into the next past welcoming another future. Back and forth, back and forth, you are a time traveler with no knowledge of the future, but a vast and in depth knowledge of the past you lived and breathed. How rich are you?

The Body

Take a deep breath. How does it feel? Now imagine you are choking and gasping for breath, see the difference when you are oh so flippant about it all as natural and unworthy of attention. Tell it to those who fight for every breath, unable to breathe on their own, tell it into their faces that this is the struggle unworthy of having. Muscles. You could run and feel how you move on faster and lithe, is it not inspiring? You are totally independent, so tell it to those in wheelchair that you would swap your body with theirs. Would you?