Things to Appreciate in Life ?>

Things to Appreciate in Life


You are just a blink in the cosmic consciousness so before you are gone off the surface to join the black hole to never reappear again, enjoy that moment to no end, minute by minute, hour by an hour, day by day. You have been a gift to someone although you may not know it, but even if you disappoint everybody else around, you could always have someone close to you that could bring you enough comfort. You. So often we think we could be someone else, but that is nothing further from the truth, we would like to remain the way we are, just pumped up some more, like our current version, but on steroids of imagination. We do appreciate a leaner or meaner version that we have in mind, but starting with the basic prototype that is us as we are now. It is because we know no other people inside out even if we spent our whole life with them, but we did not even spend a fraction of a second inside their head. Sure we admire the facade and the brain too, but we never visited some other person’s inner world for real. We know ourselves first and foremost first hand, though, there are times when we could conclude it is something very far from the truth. Take a dive into yourself and appreciate the beauty you will find there.

The people who love you

You might say this is weird, but it is true, other fellow creatures out there that love you badly, even if they do not know how to show it or what to do at times, but you exist because of them and thanks to them. Perhaps you would rather they were different that things were different, but try to cultivate some compassion and let those more fragile parts of you shine from within.

People in your life

So many paths have crossed in our lives, so many people came and went and are gone. Each of those people brought you a gift, themselves, but perhaps you were busy looking elsewhere for friends and failed to look at those who stood at the door waiting and silently knocking. You were moving on so you even failed to see those gifts but you do now don’t you?


Nothing to add here, but do not you just love that scenery you take in while having a stroll in your local park. You do not need to go far away places to be gifted with some glimpses of the true beauty, those places you have visited a thousand times still make and leave an impression that makes the heart grow fonder. While it may pale in comparison with some grand spectacles of magnitute thousands flock to admire abroad, you keep that little gem your own secret in your heart.